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Émile Gallé

Émile Gallé (1846–1904) was an artistic genius who worked in glass, and is considered to be one of the major forces in the French Art Nouveau movement. The company he founded continued to make glass items into the 1930s. The vast majority of supposed Gallé vases are fake, so be very careful when purchasing his work. Fake Gallé vases are being made today in Poland and Romania – they are even signed Gallé. I guarantee my Gallé glass to be authentic and as described. The estimated dates are just estimates based on examination of several reputable reference books. All are guaranteed to be from the 1890s to the 1930s. Return for any reason, at your cost unless I misdescribed something, within three days of receipt. All guarantees expire 30 days from purchase date. 

These display well within a collection of glass paperweights, especially French weights. These are contemporaneous with some Baccarat paperweights and perhaps Pantin as well. They were made in Nancy, France in the Alsace-Lorraine region of France, the same area that was home to Baccarat and Saint Louis. 

PW2515.  Émile Gallé (1846–1904) 4 1/16 inch tall Museum Piece, circa 1920s. Fabulous use of color and form. Background color is unbelievable. The base shows minimal wear. Condition is excellent. All original.  No chips, cracks, or repairs. Signed Galle in raised script. Height is 4 1/16 inches; 4 ¾ inches in diameter; weight is one pound and four ounces.  $3000

PW2477.  Émile Gallé (1846–1904) 5 1/4 inch tall Museum Piece, circa 1920s. They really nailed it with this color combination and crocus design – it’s three colors with the base honey yellow has an iridized effect – really stunning. The base shows minimal wear. Condition is excellent. All original.  No chips, cracks, or repairs. Signed Galle in engraved script. Height is 5 1/4 inches; three inches in diameter; weight is eleven ounces.  $2000

PW2473  Émile Gallé (1846–1904) Museum Piece, circa 1901-1902. Blossoms galore.  Stunning vase!~ wheel cut cameo overlay of blue, white, and green over a blend of golden sunset fading to clear. It must have taken days to carve this impeccable stunning floral  assemblage with so many carefully carved blossoms and leaves. The bulk of the green is removed to varying degrees leaving behind intricate leaves, stems, and blossoms. Gallé signature on the lower side. Condition is excellent –no problems.  Seven inches in diameter; five inches tall; nice thick glass weighs one pound and thirteen ounces.   $5250