Émile Gallé 2
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Émile Gallé 2

PW2580.  Émile Gallé (1846–1904) 6 inch tall Early Signed Enameled and Gilded Thistle Museum Piece, c. 1895. Holding this I wonder if the master himself may have had a hand in it. The signature is more personal than most engraved into the base as “e. Galle Nancy and the skill with which the enamel and gilt are painted is extraordinary. What a fabulous thistle this is. It has a prominent Cross of Lorraine enameled on the side. No issues. The base shows minimal wear. Height is 6 inches; the base is 2 5/8  inches in diameter; weight is four ounces.  $1250


PW2476  Émile Gallé (1846–1904) Wisteria Museum Piece, circa 1906-1914.  Thick glass Gallé vase – wheel cut cameo overlay of deep indigo over a blend of light leaf green fading to opaque white. It must have taken days to carve this impeccable stunning floral  assemblage with so many carefully carved blossoms and leaves. The bulk of the indigo below the neck is removed to varying degrees leaving behind intricate leaves, stems, and blossoms. Gallé signature on the lower side. Condition is excellent –no problems.  7 1/8 inches tall; 4 inch diameter; one pound and eight ounces. $2250

PW2541.  Émile Gallé (1846–1904) 5 ½ inch tall Banjo Cherries Museum Piece. Expertly and artistically made – from the banjo shape to the etched and polished cherries. No issues. The base shows minimal wear. Signed Galle in raised script on the side. Height is 5 ½ inches; the base is 2 1/2  inches in diameter; weight is 5.5 ounces.  $750

PW2540.  Émile Gallé (1846–1904) 8 ½ inch tall Museum Piece. Color gradations in the stem make this impeccable piece a standout. The outer layer regales the viewer with dreamy translucent, expertly accomplished floral patterns. The base shows minimal wear. Signed Galle in raised script on the top of the base. Height is 8 ½ inches; the base is 2 5/8  inches in diameter; weight is seven ounces.  $950