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Unless otherwise indicated, all agate specimens have one rough side with the natural exterior and one side that is cut and polished to reveal the inner beauty of the specimen. If the exterior side is other than ordinary, I’ll so indicate with at least the use of an adjective or short descriptor, such as nice, exceptional, eye-catching, or like the surface of the moon. For top end specimens, examine  the surface for a few moments and get right in with the depth of it to appreciate fully the beauty of the colors, patterns, symmetry, depth, mineralization, the energy of it … the energy of the agate. The best and most natural colors are in direct sunlight — bright light is always best, tungsten lights are excellent. All images are lighted with daylight-balanced Solux bulbs.

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Condor 330. Museum specimen. An all-around perfect half nodule with a nice size and shape for a cabinet piece. Solid and perfect with an attractive gray/blue as the main color theme with red highlights and a classy crystal quartz center. 80 by 65 cm mirror-polished face; 33 mm thick; eight ounces.  $240

Utah Concretion 1, Henry Mountains, Utah. The rockhounds called it dinosaur coprolite (and similar terms, e.g. “dino poo”) thinking it was indeed the excrement of dinosaurs. It is a highly silicified and agatized septarian-type nodule. This one is likely from Hansen Creek or a nearby drainage below the south slope of the Henry Mountains. This is a beautiful and perfect specimen from all around - a full half nodule that is attractive on the exterior (superior external character) and gorgeous on the interior with thick bands of colorful flawless agate. I’ve seen thousands and this is one of the best. It (this specimen) is featured in Rocks & Minerals, Jul/Aug 2014, Vol. 89, No. 4. It is gemmy with swirling color in its translucence depth - deep reds and oranges. 6 by 11 cm mirror-polished face; up to 8 cm thick; one pound and seven ounces.  $175

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