The Beach House
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Beach House

This is Sandpiper Village near Waldport, Oregon, where our beach house is located. You cannot see the house from here but it's about in the middle near the top in the trees (just out of the tsunami zone).
These two pictures are Alsea Bay in Waldport at low tide. This is where I first went clamming. The point you see on the right is the a mile and a half south from our beach. This is where the Alsea River meets the Pacific. The channel is not dredged and is not navigable. Yachats is 8 miles south and Newport, a major fishing port, is 16 miles north - both have excellent seafood restaurants. In Newport you can get fresh fish right off the boats.
Average crowd on our beach.
Oysters Rockefeller a la Martelle. Fabulous.
Local duck eggs and schrooms.
Hydrangea in a neighbor's yard. I am going to plant a few of these.
First bread baked in this house. Sourdough rye.
View from back window
The back of our property is a Douglas fir and shore pine forest, complete with squirrels, passing blacktail deer, and many birds.
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