Beach House Reunion 2016
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Beach House Reunion 1

Newport, Oregon - 12 miles up the coast from the beach house. Buy fresh crab and fish right off the docks or choose from one of many fine seafood restaurants.It's a working seaport.

This is our second summer in the beach house and the first with furniture, so we held the first annual Daniels Family Family Reunion. All my girls attended, thank you. April and Isabella came from New Jersey, Hillary and Olivia from D.C., and Prudence from Alpine, Wyoming. We also had a special guest, Hillary's boyfriend Yaw. Everyone arrived departed on different schedules, but we did have everyone at the house two nights together and it was downright rowdy. The weather was beautiful, as always in summer out there. We did a lot of beach walking. The beach is a four-minute walk from the house. Turn left for a two mile walk to the point - guaranteed to see harbor seals. Maybe find an agate. Always something interesting. Always new light. I showed my lovely granddaughter, Isabella the ballerina, how to catch sand shrimp. I also showed her a few moves form my ballet years. Turn right when you reach the beach for a 6.5 mile round-trip to Seal Rocks. The beaches are uncrowded and pristine.


This is where we are on the beach in these pictures. Our house is to the left (north). The sleepy fishing village of Waldport is center right. I didn't take this picture.
Olivia, Hillary, Prudence.
Dungeness crab for dinner. Isabella helped us catch them at the dock in Newport. Alsea Bay is a mile from the house and is loaded with these guys.

I selected these two because I didn't like the way they were looking at me. They wanted to fight.
April, my eldest daughter, and her daughter, Isabella. Newport. Notice the sea lions in the background. 

These are six of the final submissions in the family art contest. The concept goes back early in Daniels Family history. We select a picture, usually National geographic-like, and everybody except Martelle makes a drawing after that image. Artistic expression is welcomed. Our target piece was the Eliot Porter photograph above.
This was the winning piece. The judge felt I captured the spirit of the hummingbird.

Actually, this is untrue. I got last place. I made this with PhotoShop.
Hooray for Paco!!!

Darn, I meant to order a Corona.

Paco and Isabella harvested huckleberries and Isabella baked a delicious huckleberry crumble.
Sent from a Goodwill store in Denver. It happened.
Prue arrived first of the girls and was in time for the extra-low tides we need to harvest razor clams. She took these next pictures with her phone. Since the minus tide was at 5 a.m., we arrived at 3 a.m. It was dark. We both got our 15-clam limit.

These razor clams are a challenge to capture and delicious. They live in the ocean surf sand and can dig fast to escape. Two make a meal. We harvested 90 this summer. 

Cool fort on the beach. 
sand shrimp
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