Beach House, September - October, 2015

Beach House #2

 These pictures came from Martelle's phone.
This is the Hobbit Trail. It's part of the subdivision park and trail system. It take about 25 minutes to hike and goes though huge stands of old growth Douglas fir and Sitka spruce and rhododendrons and along two lakes with water lilies.
Garden consulting. That ugly rock all over is hard to work with so we put a hedge around it and planted an aggressive ground cover along with a few ornamentals - one hydrangea, some succulents, and a few crocosmia lucifer. I'll put nasturtium and poppies in in the spring. Also fuchsia which do well here. I've never gardened in Zone 8/9 before. 
That tractor beam is after me again.
Prudence was undefeated at cribbage for the trip. Our friend Mayauel Ward made the clamshell bowl.

front downstairs bedroom - note blinds
We bought this 16-pound King salmon off the boat in Newport and ate the whole thing. Not all at once. Got live dungeness crabs too. Big ones - 2 pounds each.

Sea lion docks in Newport. These guys make a lot of noise.We didn't eat any of them. 
Chef Martelle mastered steamer clams on this trip. We'll have mussels the same way - wine and butter and herbs.
 Next are images from Prue's phone.

Newport is our place to go twice a week for groceries and whatnot. It's a 20 minute drive up the coast. Nice restaurants. Fresh seafood!

Paco found a gem grade agate on the beach.

WTF! Always something new on the beach. Watch out for that stinger! I estimate I walked more than 50 miles barefoot on the sand this summer.
I don't know who this is. Senile dementia.
Pearl found by Paco in Oysters Rockefeller.
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