Beach House, spring 2016

Beach House, spring 2016


Harvesting mussels at Seal Rocks. The limit is 72.

Tidal pool.

Salmon and mussels with mushrooms, Brussels sprouts, onion, salt, pepper, toast and butter.

Wild rhododendrons near our house. These pictures are on the Lake Trail that we call the Hobbit Trail because you need to lean over and even crawl sometimes to get through the tunnels. It's part of our subdivision. 

Olivia got herself out on a limb, again. It's actually a tree that's been leaning over so long it grew its own trees as branches.

Starting here the pictures show a hike down the coast about 20 miles. The destination was the Heceta Head lighthouse.

That's a long way down. They look like cormorants and murres.

Ta Da! Now walk back.
This next bunch of pictures was from before Martelle and Olivia arrived. I took my camper to California for a quick trip to visit the Coastal Redwood forest. Had lunch at Tony's on the dock in Bandon on the way down, of course. Spent the night at a state campground at Cape Blanco, which is the westernmost point of Oregon. Took a killer hike along the cliff and down to the beach.

The westernmost beach in Oregon and my foot.


I went down around here.

This was on the drive the following morning.

Here I am at the redwoods. This is a big one.
I spent the night on the bank of the Smith River. End of redwoods trip.

Next: Random beach agates.


Back in Colorado with many blossoms.