Beach House Winter Visit
crab season opener

Beachhouse 5

We wanted to experience the winter on the beach so we went in January. We missed the extreme weather in December this year. For the three weeks I was there, it was at least 50 degrees every day with a few in the low 60s. The weather was all over the place. One morning a rainbow was followed by a thunderstorm and hail, and then came sunny skies. We walked miles in warm air on a windless night in the full moon on the beach.

This summer I discovered that the Oregon Coast is a great place to find fresh, wholesome food. On our first winter visit, I was happy to learn that this is true all year long. The best fresh seafood in the world is readily available. This year we enjoyed the first of the deep sea Dungeness crab harvest of the season. The commercial season lasts from whenever they start to the summer. (It was delayed a month this year because of global warming algae blooms.) We bot live crab - $5.50 a pound at the dock. About 2 ¼ pounds each, like a big lobster. They harvested 4.5 million pounds in the first two weeks. We also had fresh steamer clams, razor clams, filet of sole, king salmon, and ivory king salmon. In addition the local health food store has an excellent selection of local organic fruit and vegetables as does the farmer’s market, which runs on Saturday all year round. For some reason, I am compelled to bake bread while at the beach house, even in light of two bakeries that make the best sour dough whole-wheat and whole-rye breads.

Back from Farmers' Market - lion's mane and oyster mushrooms. Everything here is organic except the bread and honey.

Petrale soul - fresh and delicious. With onion, mushroom, and bok choy.

Don’t think it’s all about food. It’s just that when I am there, I find it easy to eat well and exercise in amazing surroundings.These OG roasted hazelnuts make an excellent snack.

Due to global warming, the fishing vessels are encountering species they've not previously seen this far north, such as this Hawaiian moonfish.
This lucky fellow caught a king salmon near about a mile from our house. The catch is down again this year because of global warming. Good fishing and clamming in this bay. It's the mouth of the Alsea River.

I added razor clams. They are exquisite.

At night the ocean glows with crab boats. From our deck. They work all night.

One of our beach accesses.


Note the whole razor clam on top.

Fresh King salmon.


Tibetan Barley bread - unleavened and earthy. The green blanket on the couch is where I spent the mornings working on a book. I've been editing a novel for a friend.

Sourdough wholewheat. I can't help myself.

Lots of sea foam - sometimes three feet deep. Caused from the natural decomposition of sea organisms - algae and whatnot. I tried a barefoot slalom course through some of the best patches and ran some figure eights. I call it Seafoam 8s. Perhaps an Olympic sport someday. The day I did this my daughter Prudence was in a Powder 8s competition in Jackson Hole. I was jealous. 

A somewhat typical winter view. The surf is large and loud.

Winter storms changed the beach. It looks like a different beach than in October - same in general, but many new logs came in, others became unburied. It's a dynamic process. That is one huge body of water - look at a globe.
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