Caithness of Scotland
Important to the history and artistry of glass paperweights


Caithness Glass, Perth, Scotland, began in 1961. Paul Ysart worked there from 1962 to 1970. Over the years it grew to a company with upward of 300 employees, including some of Scotland’s finest glass workers and artists.

My personal interest in Caithness weights is focused on their crimp flowers, the best of which are excellent. Much of their output over the years has been cheap gift shop variety baubles.


PW3103. Caithness Amazonia Limited Edition of 50 Hexagonal Column 1997 Museum Piece. This is simply a beautiful work of glass art and an amazing paperweight. The designer was the exceptionally skilled glass artist Colin Terris. He incorporated a fabulous set of glass technique to make a beautiful tribute to the Amazon Rain Forest. The base is engraved Amazonia, Caithness, Scotland 38-50. It was issued in 1997. The original issue price in the US was $1050. It sold out. Diameter is 2 ½ inches; height is 3 5/8 inches; one pound and nine ounces. Condition is excellent/perfect.  $650


PW815. Caithness Magnum Limited Edition Museum Piece. The Caithness glass company of Scotland made the best crimp roses outside the US. This one has a beautifully formed peach-colored rose with four green leaves. It sits in clear glass over an aquamarine ground that is encrusted with tiny sparkles like diamonds. It’s a beauty. The base is engraved “Glamis Rose Caithness Scotland 48/100. Condition is extra fine with shelfwear on the base. 2 inches tall; 3 ½ inch diameter; one pound and six ounces.  $140


PW2028. Caithness “Springtime” crocus weight Limited Edition #436. Perhaps the most beautiful weight produced by Caithness. The flowers rise with the surge of spring from an aventurine ground – stunning. The flat, polished base is inscribed “Springtime Caithness Scotland 436-750. 3 1/8 inch diameter; 2 3/4 inches tall; one pound and six ounces. Condition is excellent. Fresh green leaves and newly opened blooms depict the golden hope of springtime. Design by Andrew Lawson.  It was made in 1981.  $140


PW2721. Caithness Winter Rose Limited Edition Magnum  Museum Piece. This is simply a beautiful work of glass art and an amazing paperweight. It is beautifully finished including a star cut base. Caithness certainly made a variety of great paperweights over the years - my personal favorites are their crimp flowers. The base is engraved “Winter Rose Caithness Scotland 66/500. Diameter is 3 7/8 inches; height is 2 1/4 inches; one pound and thirteen ounces. Condition is excellent with light shelf wear.   $165

PW3138. Caithness Blue Anemone. The deep blue anemone with its translucent petals and blue stamen floats in clear glass, backed by an amber flash and a lenticular array of tiny, perfect bubbles in a tight grid. The base is hand engraved Blue Anemone, Caithness, Scotland. It was issued in 1999. Diameter is 2 9/16 inches; height is 2 3/8 inches; twelve ounces. Condition is excellent.  SOLD

PW3262. Caithness Opus 2002 Limited Edition of 250 Extra Magnum Museum Piece. Caithness made quite a few really great crimp flower weights and this is one of the very best. I believe it’s the largest. The presentation is magnificent. The rose, with its lovely shading from white to pink at the center, rises from a blue carpet of uniform bubbles and two rows of green leaves. The base is engraved 128-250 and etched Opus 2002 Classic Collection, Caithness, Scotland. It was issued in 2002 and designed by Colin Terris. The issue closed at 197. Diameter is 4 3/4 inches; height is 3 7/8 inches; four pounds and five ounces. Condition is excellent.  $600