Cathy Richardson
museum quality paperweights

Cathy Richardson (Minnesota, USA). In her words: “Glass, like water, is a very fluid and dynamic medium. It can contain, surround, and magnify objects, creating magical effects to delight the eye and fascinate the imagination. Using these properties, I am able to create beautiful, dynamic, designs that are full of life, inviting you to look again and again into my world.” And so she does! Her work has amazing detail and actually does create a micro world of beauty and interest.  In my opinion, Cathy's paperweights are among the most beautiful ever produced. Each series is a limited edition of no more than 50 paperweights - one person in each state (on average) will have the privilege of owning one of these fabulous works of art, so if you see one you want, do not hesitate.

PW2942. Cathy Richardson Limited Edition Museum Piece. “Alpine Marsh Marigold.” As a resident of the highest state in the Union, I have seen my fair share of high alpine flowers. Cathy has done a great job in reproducing them, preserved in glass for millennia to come. The rocks and succulents are equally accurate and realistic. No other glass artist makes rocks a well as this Harvard-educated doctor of geology. Signed on the side “Cathy Richardson 2014  MMM-017”. 3 inch diameter; 2 11/16 inches tall; one pound, six ounces. Condition: New/Excellent.  $750