The Birds of Baccarat
a spectacular collection

Baccarat Paperweight Collection 1997 - Oiseaux du Pacifique, Birds of the Pacific.
The original collection from 1997 comprised seven paperweights, each with a different bird of the South Pacific. In 1998, Baccarat released an extra magnum pedestal glass sculpture/paperweight that incorporated the same theme with three birds and a tropical backdrop.

Each of these is a tribute to the art of glass paperweights. This time period was the pinnacle for Baccarat, and Baccarat is one of the greatest glass houses ever to grace this planet. Their last paperweights were made in 2002. The birds and tropical theme work remarkably well in this stylistic mode, to my aesthetic. These are great pieces. Each of the seven 1997 magnum Birds of the Pacific is a limited edition of 100 weights. The amazing supermagnum pedouche was issued in an edition of 50. These are some of the finest pieces in the history of glass paperweights, again, of course, that’s just my opinion.


PW2608. Baccarat supermagnum 1998 limited edition of 50 Birds of the Pacific Pedouche. Condition is excellent. Signed and numbered. This weight is the actual one photographed by Paul Dunlop and included in his excellent book: Baccarat Paperweights: Two Centuries of beauty. Has box and certificate. 5 1/8 inch diameter; 5 inches tall; six pounds and nine ounces. $3300

PW3178. Baccarat magnum 1997 limited edition of 100 Birds of the Pacific: Greater Bird of Paradise. Condition is excellent. Signed and numbered. 3 9/16 inch diameter; 2 3/8 inches tall; one pound and fifteen ounces. $1250