French Weights: Clichy 
museum quality glass paperweights

French Paperweights by Clichy. The Clichy-la-Garenne Glassworks began to produce glass paperweights in the outskirts of Paris in the 1840s and continued until about 1870. No paperweights more beautiful than these have ever been made.


PW1680. Clichy Sodden Snow concentric closepack with 54 canes Museum Piece (circa 1850). The Clichy sodden snow paperweight is a classic beauty, a design conceived to showcase their elegant, intricate, colorful canes against a pristine white background. The name comes from the appearance that the canes were pressed into sodden snow and on this one you can see the impressions from the bottom side. This one is a true concentric packed with four rows of canes in a dazzling display of color, shape, and texture. Condition is excellent with expected wear to basal ring. 3 1/16 inch diameter; 1 7/8 inches tall; one pound and two ounces.   $2400

PW241. Clichy Closepack over Jasper Ground. A bright and cheery weight from Clichy Glass Works in what is now Paris. Some would call this a Scramble but that is not correct as it was not scrambled. Some would call it an End of Day weight which is one made with the last glass from the day’s melt along with bits and pieces of leftover cane. The setup for this weight took some time. As you can see, the canes are not just tossed together and picked up with a gather of glass. There are more full canes than partial, as if the partials were selected to fill in gaps in the closepack. The addition of the jasper ground also belies that it was a last minute product. Lots of color. Condition is excellent. The base is original with wear to the basal rim. The dome is excellent. The lower canes were cut into at some point, either in the making or more likely during a later polishing. You can feel them with your finger but otherwise it’s about invisible. 2 7/8 inch diameter; 2 inches tall; one pound and one ounce.  $1250

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PW2098. Clichy Museum Piece (circa 1850). Stunning spaced concentric on clear ground. This is a beautiful Clichy with an artistic pattern of colorful canes; the five blue canes in the outside row have some of the finest color of all antique weights and are set off by five pairs of white edelweiss florets. It would be fair to call all of the canes in this piece florets—canes intended to represent flowers. Condition is perfect; obviously it has been repolished to perfection by an expert. 2 1/4 inch diameter; 1 1/2 inches tall; eight ounces.  $350

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PW2099. Clichy Museum Piece (circa 1850). Spaced concentric on clear ground. This is a small one with a nice set of classic Clichy canes. Condition is very good and it appears to be one of the rare Clichy weights left in original condition. It has light surface scratches, a tiny collapsed surface bubble below the setup line, appropriate wear to the basal rim, and a tiny 3 mm chip on the rim.  1 13/16 inch diameter; 1 3/8 inches tall; five ounces.  $150

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PW246. Clichy Museum Piece (circa 1850). Spaced concentric on clear ground. A beautiful weight with a red Clichy rose at the center. As a three row concentric on clear, this is a stunning example of the best Clichy workmanship. It is delicate with all floret canes, including seven edelweiss canes around the rose. Condition is flawlessly polished, and it's a nice cabinet size piece. 2 9/16 inch diameter; 1 13/16 inches tall; thirteen ounces.  $950

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PW231. Clichy Museum Piece. 1845-1860 The Classical Period for French paperweights. This is a stunning example of the beautiful work produced by Clichy during that period. It is a small weight with a high dome, artfully executed with a beautiful design. 18 edelweiss canes! The bright red within the large blue canes of the outer row is particularly eye-catching. There is wear to the basal ring but otherwise the condition is very good to excellent with just minor issues to the dome that are not apparent to the naked eye. Considering it is about 150 years old, the condition is remarkable. 2 3/8 inch diameter; 1 7/8 inches tall; 11.5 ounces.  $685

PW1485. Clichy Museum Piece 1845-1860. Spaced over rare opaque deep velvet purple color ground. It has the appearance of a true concentric, but is arranged in a clever pattern Clichy employed with the canes set in parallel rows arranged 3-4-5-4-3 for a total of 19 elegantly crafted canes. The color ground is velvet purple blue layered on top of white such as we see in the sodden snow weights. Dunlop discusses Clichy color grounds: “Not only did they make the most, they made the best! The colors are well chosen. The weights are bright and cheerful.” Dunlop notes purple as a “very rare” color.  The dome is beautifully polished. 2 1/2 inch diameter; 1 7/8 inches tall; eleven ounces. $1200

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