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PW2959. Clichy Classical Period (c. 1845-1860) Near Magnum 37-cane concentric on opaque green color ground Museum piece. One of the finest color ground weights you’ll ever see. This is a stunning piece – made by a skilled artisan – the canes are laid out in a concentric pattern. This color ground is one of eighteen Clichy color grounds described by Dunlop. The canes are complex and gorgeous. The dome of this weight is in an extremely rare state of preservation because it is original and not restored in any way; it has some scratches which in my opinion are not nearly bad enough to warrant having it polished, although it could be polished to perfection. The pictures show the worst of the scratches, which are not very noticeable to a casual observation.  3 1/8 inch diameter (to be a true magnum it would need to be 3 ¼); 2 inches tall; one pound and four ounces. SOLD

PW1197. Clichy Sodden Snow Museum Piece (circa 1850). The Clichy sodden snow paperweight is a classic beauty, a design conceived to showcase their elegant, intricate, colorful canes against a pristine white background. The name comes from the appearance that the canes were pressed into sodden snow and on this one you can see the impressions from the bottom side. The  canes are exquisite with beautiful colors as only Clichy could do. Here the canes are arranged in a three-row concentric pattern. It has forty beautiful canes. Condition is excellent with a perfect dome. The base shows slight wear on the basal ring. 3 1/8 inch diameter ; 2 1/16 inches tall; one pound and five ounces.  $2650


PW2061. Clichy Classical Period (circa 1845-1860) Near Magnum 37 cane Spaced on Crystal Museum piece with a high dome. Of all the types and styles of weights produced by Clichy in their limited period of production, the spaced on crystal is perhaps the most dramatic. Their canes and colors were amazing, and what better way to display them than by suspending them in beautiful lead crystal glass. This is a very large one in amazing condition. The canes are fabulous, including the famous pink rose at the center and another peeking out from the edge. In addition are many different canes placed in an artistic balance for display by a master craftsman. This is a large one at one pound and nine ounces with a nice tall dome.  There is some wear to the basal rim but the dome is PERFECT – no chips, nibbles, scratches, or fractures of any kind. The dome is beautifully repolished. This will make a fine addition to any paperweight collection. 3 1/8 inch diameter (to be a true magnum it would need to be 3 ¼); 2 1/4 inches tall; one pound, seven ounces. Attribution is 100% guaranteed as always.  $2150