French Weights: Saint Louis 2
museum pieces

PW2107. RARE signed Saint Louis 1953 Pedestal Museum Piece. Eight row concentric closepack pedestal weight. Probably a one off. This is a rare Saint Louis, made in the decade after World War 2 when the company was just getting back into production. The first paperweight Saint Louis manufactured in the Twentieth Century was in 1952. According to the expert on Saint Louis  paperweights, Gerard Ingold, in his book, The Art of the Paperweight: Saint Louis, "it is estimated that only three to four hundred pieces exist from the years 1952-1955", which makes this an extremely rare museum piece. I  asked paperweight expert Paul Dunlop if he agreed with that number and he does. The mushroom comprises many various colorful intricate canes and is well constructed. This is a killer weight – just look. Great colors and beautiful intricate canes. It is signed with a signature cane “SL1953” which is embedded in the closepack. Condition is excellent with no chips or fractures. 2 15/16 inch diameter; 2 13/16 inches tall; one pound and six ounces.   $1350

PW2674. Saint Louis Limited Edition 1974 Museum Piece. “White Dahlia on Mauve Ground.” Limited edition of 400 pieces. Saint Louis produced 3 limited edition weights in 1974. This dahlia is very well made and designed. Signature cane “SL1974” in the base. Condition is excellent. 3 1/8 inch diameter; 2 3/8 inches tall; one pound, six ounces.  $400


PW1010. Saint Louis Limited Edition 1978 Magnum Museum Piece. “Carpet ground with Four Silhouette Canes” limited edition of 350 pieces. Saint Louis produced 4 limited edition weights in 1978. Signature cane “SL1978”. Condition is Perfect/Pristine/Like New. 3 1/4 inch diameter; 2 1/4  inches tall; one pound, seven ounces.  $400


PW1239. Saint Louis Limited Edition 1972 Museum Piece. “Carpet Ground with Six Millefiori” limited edition of 400 pieces. Saint Louis produced 7 limited edition weights in 1972. Signature cane “SL1972”. The canes that comprise the carpet are complex and finely detailed as are the large, more complex canes. Drawn-in staves. Condition is Perfect/Pristine/Like New. 3 1/16 inch diameter; 2 1/8 inches tall; one pound, four ounces.  $500

PW1779. Saint Louis Limited Edition 1979 Museum Piece. “Pears, Cherries, and Plums.” Limited edition of 450 pieces. Saint Louis produced 8 limited edition weights in 1979. This is a continuation of Saint Louis’s long history of making fruit weights, and it’s a masterpiece – a fabulous array of pears, cherries, and plums on a double filigree ground. Six and one faceting. Signature cane “SL1979” in the base. Condition is Excellent. 3 1/16 inch diameter; 2 1/16 inches tall; one pound, four ounces.  $450

PW2205. Saint Louis Limited Edition 1986 Museum Piece. “Small Bellflowers on Turquoise Ground” is how it is labeled in the book but the certificate reads “Red and White lilies of the valley on turquoise ground.” Limited edition of 250 pieces. Signature cane “SL1986’ in the base. Condition is Excellent. Perfect condition with box and certificate also in excellent condition  although slightly musty since it is from a French collection in Normandy but it should improve after being here in dry Colorado for a while. The pieces from this collection are amazing – all perfect – like taking a time machine back to the factory store. This piece came together well, in my opinion with the design, colors, and faceting working in symphony. 3 1/8 inch diameter; 1 15/16 inches tall; one pound and three ounces.  $625

PW3058. Saint Louis/Hermes 1998 Magnum Museum Piece. Limited edition of 200. Under the Ocean with tropical fish, coral, and sea anemones on a turquoise blue ground. The top and five side concave facets make for aquarium-style viewing. Fabulous. Signed with a signature cane in the base -  “SL1998”. Numbered 39/200. Has box/no cert. Condition is excellent. 3 5/16 inch diameter; 2 1/4 inches tall; one pound and ten ounces.  $950