French Weights: Saint Louis 3
Museum Quality Specimens

French Paperweights by Saint Louis (Compagnie des Cristalleries de Saint Louis). One of the greatest glassworks of all time, Saint Louis, located in Moselle, Lorraine, France, began producing crystal paperweights in the 1840s. They continued producing fine paperweights until about 1867. Due to increased collector interest, Saint Louis went about the task of re-learning the art of crystal paperweight manufacture in the early 1950s. An estimated 300-400 lampwork and millefiori weights were made there from 1952 and 1955. Paperweight production resumed there in 1965 and continues to the present, with most weights produced in limited edition.My opinion: These are great to collect - they have it all - beauty, art, and limited editions.

PW2110. Saint Louis EXTRA MAGNUM, EXTRA RARE Museum Piece Superlative Pedestal. One of the most intricate and beautiful paperweights of all time – a perfectly executed closepack millefiori pedouche with myriad complex canes arranged as a concentric with nine rows. I don’t know what the deal is with this – it doesn’t appear in the Ingold book. The signature/date cane is in the second to outside row: SL1989. This is a killer weight in excellent condition. This big boy will be a stand-out in any serious closepack collection. The skilled work of an experienced artisan surely was responsible for the perfectly executed intricate twisted compound spiral filigree with complimentary double twisted torsades high and low. Get a grip on the size. It’s The Breakfast of Champions. 3 7/8 inch diameter; 4 inches tall; three pounds and two ounces. Very few this large were ever produced. Fit for a king.  $2550

PW2000. EXTRA RARE Saint Louis Limited Edition (of 50) 1982 Museum Piece. This extra rare piece was made by Saint Louis exclusively for the Smithsonian Institute. While most of their limited editions for the period comprised 200-400 (and as many as 800) pieces, this was an edition of only 50. On top of that it’s a beautiful weight with a striking bouquet of blue flowers with leaves and stems over a double filigree ground. Signature cane “SL1982” on the underside of the base. Condition is Excellent. 3 1/16 inch diameter; 1 15/16 inches tall; one pound and two ounces.  $750

PW1265. Saint Louis Limited Edition 1982 Museum Piece. “Four Strawberries on Lace.” Limited edition. Saint Louis made a fabulous addition to the strawberry paperweights available to collectors with this one. One of these resides in the Bergstrom-Mahler Museum. Signature cane “SL1982” in the base. Condition is excellent. 3 1/8 inch diameter; 2 1/16 inches tall; one pound, four ounces.  $700


PW1759. Saint Louis Limited Edition 1976 Museum Piece. The book, The Art of the Paperweight: Saint Louis, calls this “Two Yellow Clichy-type Roses on Blue Ground.” It was produced in a limited edition of 400 pieces. I consider it to be a magnificent paperweight. Another a fine example of why I recommend collecting modern (1950s-1990s) Saint Louis paperweights. Signature cane “SL1976” in the base. Condition is excellent. 31/8 inch diameter; 2 3/8 inches tall; one pound, seven ounces.  $750

PW2270. Saint Louis MAGNUM Museum Piece Limited Edition 1990. “Hibou” (Owl) is the official name on the certificate.  This is a beautiful weight! Another great one from this company. The owl is always emblematic of wisdom. Perfect condition with box and certificate also in excellent condition although slightly musty since it is from a French collection in Normandy but has improved after being here in dry Colorado for a while. The pieces from this collection are amazing – all perfect – like taking a time machine back to the factory store. Signature cane in the ground “SL1990”. 3 1/4 inch diameter; 2 1/8 inches tall; one pound and eight ounces. $700

PW2284. Saint Louis Red and White Double Overlay with upright Bouquet Museum Piece Limited Edition 1983. A stunning upright floral with faceted double overlay. Beautifully  executed. Perfect condition with box and certificate. From the collection of a French gentleman in Normandy - The pieces from this collection are amazing – all perfect – like taking a time machine back to the factory store. Signature cane in the center of a flower “SL1982. 3 inch diameter; 2 1/8  inches tall; one pound and four ounces. $750

PW2508. Saint Louis Magnum Museum Piece Limited Edition 1988. In my opinion, this is one of the most beautiful glass paperweights ever made. It took one of the finest glass houses in history many years to be able to produce a masterpiece like this. The name is “Flowers of Lorraine” and it is a limited edition of 200 weights. It is a bouquet of nine flowers that you’d find growing in Lorraine, France. Excellent condition. Signature cane in the base “SL1988”. 3 1/4 inch diameter; 2 1/8 inches tall; one pound and eight ounces. $1200