Liv's Graduation, plus or minus
Springtime in the Rockies

Liv's graduation, plus

First was the trip Prue and I took to the Escalante and the Henries. Actually it was second to the trip to Jackson Hole but I didn't use my camera on that trip. And the trip to Oregon and Washington - likewise. The weather was terrible for our Utah trip. This time of year you could expect 70 degrees and sunny. We had wind, snow, rain, hail, and mud - a lot of mud.
These first three pictures are random bits of the trip Martelle and I took in March to the Oregon and Washington Coast. Above is me at The Luna Sea Restaurant in Yachats. Note the Manhattan Clam Chowder - fabulous - everything's fresh. Next is Martelle with her cousin Bill who is the DA for Tillamook County, Oregon. This was the first time they'd seen each other in 38 years.
Excited about being at The World's Longest Beach (which is a huge lie. There are many longer beaches in the world). The clam digging is great here.

yes - 66 years old
The best restaurant in the West - not including the coast.
Calf Creek Falls. 6.2 mile hike

typical snake
our camp spot for two nights. Amazing sky view!
On our way out after covering 6-7 miles in the wood hunting territories, we hit a wall of weather coming down this canyon and were whipped with hail. Our boots carried pounds of mud. We found some nice petrified wood and had a great time. Glad to have the camper and not be in a tent.

Then Martelle and I went to Tacoma for the Paperweight Collectors Association Convention. Lots of fun and great seafood.  Back home one day, cut the lawn, and off to Boulder for Liv's graduation (and more bad weather).

daffodils at home

crab apple
This was her first graduation with a Certificate in Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies
This one was for Economics
This was International Affairs
Prue, Zach, April, Martelle
Three diplomas in the rain.
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