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Oregon trip 2012


My daughter Olivia and I took a break from the searing heat and forest fires of Colorado and went out to the West Coast for a few weeks. It was a lot cooler along the coast with some rain but beautiful days with quite a bit of sun. We fished for sturgeon with friends on the Columbia River near Astoria, which was a fantastic and exciting fishing trip. Some of these fish get 12-14 feet in length. We hooked about seven of the huge ones out of 30 fish hooked. We let them all go (a few let themselves go) but for the keeper sizes between 41 and 54 inches. The next morning Liv and I walked out to the most western and northern point of Oregon at Fort Stevens. We spent seven nights in campgrounds along the Oregon before heading to Northern California and the amazing redwood forests for two nights. We had nice seafood meals daily, sometimes two when I wasn’t making pancakes in the camper. On the way back we went through Lassen Volcanic National Park, found a very nice state park at Eureka Mountain where we spent the night listening to a bubbling brook, and watched the moon rise through the smoke from a forest fire in Utah. 3,190 miles round trip. Great trip.