Rick Ayotte, page two
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Rick Ayotte (New Hampshire, USA), page two.

PW2555. Rick Ayotte Limited Edition of 75 Magnum Museum Piece. White-throated Magpie Jay with Rhododendron flowers. He really nailed this one. Perfect jay in beautiful blossoms. There are two layers of lampworking to this weight – the bottom layer comprises a branch with six blossoms and the top layer has the jay and three prominent blossoms. It is fabulous. This weight is from a limited edition of 75 weights and is signed “Ayotte 23/75 ‘86.” It is in excellent condition.  It  is extra magnum at 3 7/8 inches in diameter; 2 inches tall; one pound and nine ounces.  $1300 

PW2166. Rick Ayotte 1993 Limited Edition of 50 VERY MAGNUM Museum Piece. Absolutely one of the finest glass sculptures ever made. This is Rick Ayotte at his best. Rick Ayotte is a glass working genius. Somewhere along his evolutionary development his transformed his fascination with nature into impeccably reproduced vignettes of incredible realism. Rick mastered the form in many way but his birds are his greatest legacy to date. Look at this perfect yellow-headed Amazon parrot in his symmetrical floral arrangement of red tropical flowers. It is called “A244 Above the Canopy. Limited edition of 50 weights, signed “Ayotte Ed/25 ‘93.” It is in pristine/perfect condition. 3 3/4 inch diameter; 2 1/8  inches tall; one pound and nine ounces.  $1750