Thanksgiving 2013 NJ/NY
a fine time was had by all

Thanksgiviing 2013 NY

Turkey Day at April and Michael's in Verona, NJ. Martelle and I flew in from Colorado, Prue from Jackson Hole, and Hillary and Wallace drove up from D. C.. Along with April, Michael, and Isabella were bunches of great friends of theirs. We all enjoyed a warm and welcome family and friends holiday weekend thanks to April's and Michael's great hospitality.
Isabella made this pie from scratch. It was the best apple pie I have ever had! I finished it for breakfast.
New Jersey boys.
I seem to have put my camera away here and missed Thanksgiving dinner. Hillary has some that appear later.

Next: Daniels-Krauss Cousins mini reunion.
We had a full complement from the Krauss branch and a good showing from the Daniels branch, missing Devan, Kelsey, and Olivia. Also missed and missing were the Hahn and Keener tribes. The event was held at Virginia's apartment on E. 56th. It came together suddenly from how about a short visit to we'll get Chinese take-out to a gourmet lunch complete with pate de fois gras aux truffes and Champagne, a la the ever most gracious Virginia. Surely the Jockers girls -- Elsie, Edith, Vera, Ruth, and Aline --- smiled on us all.
Historic meeting with Aunt and Great Aunt Nancy.
These are the Wise Ones  - born in the first half of the previous century. The Cousins/Brother-Sister: Virginia Krauss Hunter Besas, Frank Paco Daniels, Nancy Calabrez.
Granddaughters of the cousins, continuing beauty and brilliance.
Children of the cousins and spouse (excluding Michael H. who was temporarily absent) except for Martelle who really doesn't belong in this picture except by age.
The Wild bunch
From the same branch of the family tree.

April Daniels Hussar and Michael Hussar, our hosts in Verona.

One the ends are Virginia's granddaughters, Sabrina and Madeline. Middle - Daniels girls:  April, Hillary, Prudence.

NOTE: Olivia Daniels is the missing Daniels sister. She could not be here because she is in the Middle East trying to resolve their issues.

Hillary, Isabella, Prudence.

Enrique and Diana

Prue. Freedom Tower at One World Trade Center, the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere, in background. Hillary and I took a walk to it from the hotel after a wonderful meal at Tamarind in Tribeca.

These pictures were taken in our hotel - The Tribeca Grande. As you can see as I sneak up on Hillary and Martelle having tea and crumpets, the hotel is hollow with the balcony to the inside. It makes for a perfect sound magnification chamber as the music and the roar of the drunken crowd ricochets from side to side into and through your door and your room as loud as if you were in the thick but you are trying to sleep and it's one in the morning. Not recommended for anyone wanting to get to sleep before two A. M.

This next batch is from Prue's I-Phone. She did an especially great job with this first one with Instagram filters - very nice. Caught the clouds just right. Soho looking toward the tower.

Hillary and Wallace and a bored Isabella.
Paco stretching with dance yoga posture in Verona park.

Three out of four of my amazing daughters and all of my grandchildren.

The morning after we arrived home we woke to eights inches of very cold white stuff. It was a great trip notwithstanding the 26 hour return voyage.
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