Todos Santos
a great vacation

Todos Santos

Vacation in Todos Santos, Mexico

In May 2013 a bunch of us went to Todos Santos, Mexico for a ten day vacation. Todos Santos is on the Baja about an hour by car north of Cabo. The group comprised some of the Daniels (Martelle, Frank, and daughters Hillary, Prudence, and Olivia) along with Prue’s boyfriend Zach, Hillary’s puppy Wallace, and our super duper friends Shawn and Will. Shawn and Martelle bid on the place at a silent auction fundraiser for the Riverside Education Center last fall. They won. Will and I had no idea what was going on (the story of our lives).

The house is owned by a guy here in Grand Junction who is a surfer dude formerly from Southern California. We were not too sure what we had gotten into, but as it turned out, we got into an amazing place. The house is called “La Misión” and is an off-the-grid solar powered five- bedroom mission-themed mansion on the beach near the best surf break for miles in any direction. It’s a ten minute drive from the center of very nice, mostly not yet overly commercialized (as is Cabo), town of Todos Santos, and old mission town. The beach is fantastic although the surf is frequently dangerous on the steep beach – zero crowds – practically zero other people even walk by.

We found some great places to eat in town as well as a fish market that had fresh fish daily brought over from La Paz and place with fresh organic vegetables. The town is charming and quaint, laid back, and authentic Mexico. It is home to The Hotel California (although not that one). At our favorite taco place, Boyitaco, you can get great fish tacos – 3 with a Pacifico for $7. And fabulous burritos. We also had a few meals at some higher end restaurants in town, but mostly we at in at La Misión, partly because we all felt that every sunset missed was a tragedy. And fresh fish and pico de gallo for dinner nightly is not so bad.

What a great vacation! A wonderful time with family and friends.

Coke with real sugar.
Zach meditating on the sunset
Venus, Jupiter, and Mercury set.
Prudence and Hillary
Prue and Zach
Shawn and Will
At Boyitaco
Paco at the Hotel California(iphone photo by Hillary)
Hillary, Martelle, Prudence, Olivia, and Papa Paco
The mission church (rebuilt).
 Those were the pictures Paco took. CLICK HERE to see the pictures Olivia took (some of them - she took about 800, no kidding)