A. Walter
pate de verre



Walter of Nancy, France. Pate de verre. The artist is A. Walter (1869-1959). The first name is either Almaric, Almeric, Amalric, or Amelric—you see it all of these ways in the literature. His works are signed A. Walter Nancy – Nancy is the city in Lorraine France (at times Germany) where he worked. Walter became a master of the lost art of pate de verre, an art form where “glass paste” in a variety of colors is directed into a mold which is often first spot filled with a variety of colored glass pastes. The result can be exquisite. Walter was one of the first to experiment with this technique in the modern era. The technique dates to ancient Egypt. Walter worked at the famous Daum glassworks in Nancy as their pate de verre expert up to the start of World War One when the Daum works closed for the duration. Walter joined the army. After the war, with Alsace Lorraine now repatriated to France, Walter established his own glass works using the signature “A Walter Nancy”.  These are all 100% glass and date to the early 20th Century.


These are fantastic pieces. I never acquired Walters in order to sell them. I spent years putting together a world class collection because I think these small sculptures are simply fantastic. They capture the spirit of the world of French Art Glass for the early 20th Century as very dense and beautifully crafted works of fine art. Every one of these is in excellent original condition with no problems – no chips, no cracks, no issues at all.


WARNING: Starting about two years ago thousands of FAKE Walters have come onto the market. They are junk. They are first of all counterfeit and secondly most are weak artistically as copies. The glass is very different from the very heavy glass of the originals and the colors are often garish. They often have the feel of dense plastic as opposed to glass. All of the Walters on my website are GENUINE ORIGINAL pieces from the late 1900s to early 1900s. The Walters I have here have been screened by a leading French Walter expert and verified as authentic. I have also carefully examined them and they appear in all counts consistent with originals, including the all-important density factor.



PW2368. A. Walter, Nancy Museum Piece Glass Box. Pate de verre glass box. This is an attractive pate de were box with lid – both of which are in excellent condition with no chips or repairs. The sides and the top are decorated with burgundy and green floral or berry motifs. The box is composed of translucent honey-colored glass. The signature is - AWALTER NANCY stylized with a flourish at the top of the W extending over the rest of WALTER. The piece measures two inches tall with the lid on and 2 3/4 inches in diameter; weight is ten ounces.  Condition is excellent with no damage or restoration.  $2250


PW2371. A. Walter, Nancy Pate de verre Lobster. The glass is yellow/amber and the form is lifelike enough to give one pause before picking it up for fear of being pinched. The somewhat scary lobster has powerful claws and red spots. Very nice and remarkably perfect. The signature on the side of the base reads AWALTER NANCY stylized with a flourish at the top of the W extending over the A and the L of Walter. It is also signed by the sculptor, Henri Berge, on the back below the frog, as Burge sc. (sc is for sculpsit which is third-person singular perfect active indicative of sculpō.) The base is 2 3/4 inches by 2 1/4 inches and the height is 1 3/4 inches. Weight is one pound.   $950


PW2450. A. Walter, Nancy Museum Piece. Pate de verre Golden Warbler paperweight or statue. Words can hardly describe the magnificence of this piece. The quality of the glass is exquisite and remarkably heavy. When I hold it I feel like I am holding the Maltese Falcon. It has It is finely and accurately detailed right down to ruffed chest feathers. The wings are elegant. A branch holds bright polished berries. It is as finely detailed as any Walter I have seen, exemplifying the pinnacle of pate-de-verre art form. This piece is in excellent condition.. The signature is at the base and reads AWALTER NANCY stylized with a flourish at the top of the W extending over the rest of Walter. The base is 1 ½ by 2 ½ inches. It is 4 ¼ inches tall. Weight is one pound and one ounce. A top piece. $2500


PW2449. A. Walter, Nancy Museum Piece. Pate de verre blue parrot and fruit paperweight or statue. Sculpture you can hold in your hand and appreciate its heft and smooth lines. It’s a piece of art history from the fabulous Art Noveau era. Beautifully luminescent Caribbean Sea Blue. The fruit and vegetation are brilliant. This piece is in excellent condition. The signature is at the base and reads AWALTER NANCY stylized with a flourish at the top of the W extending over the rest of Walter. The base is 2 1/16 by 2 5/8 inches. It is 5 1/2 inches tall. Weight is one pound and fourteen ounces. One of the most beautiful objects I have ever held.  $3750