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1. “Raspberry Dessert” – rhodochrosite, purple fluorite. Babu Mining Area, China. This is one of my favorite specimens. It is unique, displays well, is a nice cabinet size, and it looks delectable. The red layer is gemmy and translucent. An amazing, rare, spectacular specimen. Architecture of a higher power. It is a large specimen at 130 mm across by 90 mm deep and 57 mm tall to the top of the pink mound; one pound and two ounces.  $1950

 6. green fluorite – Xianghuapu Mine, China. Incredibly clear fluorite cubes with attractive faces and wide, textures, dodecahedron faces. Displays well from both sides. 119 mm by 48 mm wide by 93 mm; one pound.  $350

7. green fluorite – Xianghuapu Mine, China. The reason I like this one so much is because it is amazing. It has a great concentration of fluorite cubes that stack up into an impressive and well balanced specimen. I give it extra points because it can easily be displayed without showing any apart of the attachment and because the fluorite is water clear yet still gemmy green. 85 mm tall by 90 by 85 mm; one pound, eight ounces.  $775  


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