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71. prehnite, quartz, byssolite – Manassas Quarry, Virginia, Rice Museum Collection. Here is a rare and unusual specimen. It has a lovely blue hue. The heavy weight surprises you when you lift it because it deceptively appears  delicate. 64 by 52 by 34 mm; 130 grams. $125


84.  brazilianite – Linopolis Local Mine, Brazil. Certainly one of the finest specimens of this rare mineral in existence. I was lucky to be in the room of a Brazilian dealer in Tucson when he unwrapped his specimens. It was the finest brazilianite find for years. It has a single crystal that is just amazing. I took a few shots of it – the crystal is 37 mm long and double terminated. It is the focal point of the specimen. The dealer from Brazil selected the finest pieces at the mine, and I selected the finest pieces in his room. This specimen was the best. Gemmy, perfect, lustrous … and most of all – great aesthetic appeal. 72 by 59 by 42 mm; 96 grams.  $2500


92. vesuvianite with grossular – Lake Jaco, Mexico, Ex-Rice Museum Collection. The Rice Museum must have found a fantastic specimen of this mineral in order to replace this one. The specimen and the location are not rare, but top pieces like this are. It has shining luster all around including on both pyramidal ends. 56 mm long by 31 by 31 mm; 92 grams.  $55

158. aquamarine – Shigar, Pakistan.  Fabulous etched double-terminated blue-green beryl with shimmering muscovite and abundant allure. Peeking through that window and wondering about the perfect sea-like world that lay within is the reason that this is the last remaining mineral specimen from my personal collection to be listed. Although it looks rough, it’s amazingly perfect. The interior appears to be clean and without any fracturing, possibly some natural veils. 7 cm long; about 42 mm thick at widest point; just under 7 ounces.  $1200