Crime scene: Sandpiper Village
tree murders

crime scene

We returned to our Sandpiper Village home on November 19, 2016 after an absence of about 3 weeks. In the intervening period someone had trespassed on our property to remove trees. They cut down at least 6 trees at the base (not trimmed), including 2 that are on our property and 1 on the property line. They also felled trees from the lot above that landed on our lot and left large debris piles behind. I put the green tape and the white rope up after discovering the damage.No one contacted or attempted to contact us about this.

This picture was before the trees were cut. April, 2016. It was just behind the huckleberry bushes at the lower right where most of my Douglas fir limbs were dumped. The now destroyed Douglas fir is the dense green and needled tree up the slope. You can see where a shore pine was leaning against it that now leans lower without the support of the Doug fir. It will likely pull out a hunk of the hillside when it goes all the way over.

This debris pile is about 30 feet into our property. Someone attempted to conceal this pile behind huckleberry bushes. The pile is deeper than it looks. I know because I moved it.

This native huckleberry on our property was damaged along with others. I trimmed it.I spent quite a bit of time this spring and summer cleaning that property, removing debris and scotch broom, trimming huckleberries. I also planted a few dwarf conifers and rhododendrons to help maintain the integrity of the slope, which is in need after decades of abuse.

shore pine that was on our property

37 year-old Douglas fir on our property by a long way.

that's our house in the background

This property marker was in place the whole time so it is not possible that any of this was a mistake. They trespassed at least 30 feet across the property line. This debris pile straddles my property and the one to the south.

These are on the Pomeroy property. I cannot tell how many of their trees were felled without moving away branches.
 You can see how far across the property line this old Douglas fir was when they felled it. It was a nice tree, very dense and healthy.

Our lots are lots 5 and 13 in this plat.The trespassing and criminal mischief were committed by those in lots 8 and 11, as best as I can determine. The view for lot 11 was vastly improved by this clear-cutting.

You can see that the hill on the backside of these lots has always been forested. This helps maintain the integrity of the hillside, something those above need to pay attention to. There are several Douglas firs on our property that I believe are older than the subdivision. Our lots are above the #6 on this photograph.
The next set of images is from March 2017 when I dragged some of the debris pile to the street for chipping. It took me several days.

I left this on the hill since I couldn't get it all done.