fossil wood specimens: Arizona
museum quality specimens for the collector
fossil wood specimens: Arizona

ARIZONA: These are all Triassic Araucaria [unless noted] and from the Chinle Formation. Most of the petrified wood from Arizona is heavily fractured. While these have far less than the normal fractures for an Arizona piece, assume there are at least a few restored fractures unless noted otherwise. Arizona petrified wood is some of the most beautiful fossil wood in the world and is known far and wide as rainbow wood. These specimens are probably in the top 1% in terms of lack of fractures.

AZ 12. Arizona museum quality. Bright and glassy full round branch end with lots of character. 67 by 87 mm mirror-polished face; 27 mm thick; eight ounces.  $45

AZ 10. Arizona Red and Blue. Red and blue full round branch end. 6 by 8 cm mirror-polished face; up to 30 mm thick; nine ounces.  $35

AZ 11. Arizona Mustard Yellow Star Dadoxylon – Winslow Gold. See Ancient Forests for information on this rare type. Full round mustard yellow star dadoxylon with excellent cell structures. 85 by 44 mm mirror-polished face; 64 mm long; thirteen ounces.  $45

AZ 13. Arizona Museum Specimen Rainbow Wood. Specimen round log end with deep translucent colors - world-famous Arizona rainbow wood. Remarkable structures under magnification. Rare state of preservation. 97 by 63 mm mirror-polished face; 23 mm thick; seven ounces.  $55

FJD AZ 53. Museum Specimen from Colorado River Valley near the Arizona/California border (could be either side from what I understand). Tertiary.

Full round remarkably solid log with one natural end and one that is cut and polished. Beautifully wind and sand sculpted over the millennia. Unlike 99% of AZ wood, this is not from the Chinle formation, is not a conifer, and is not full of fractures. It is about flawless. Jim Gray has a few pieces from this area in his collection in Holbrook. This one is more colorful than most I’ve seen – They normally have the color of this one without the red and orange. The red/orange section comprises about a third of the face, runs to the end of the log, and contains beautiful, crisp, hardwood cell structures. Overall, a stunning piece with top eye appeal. 62 by 58 mm mirror-polished face; 25 cm long; three pounds. Excellent size for use as a bludgeon.  $425