fossil wood specimens: Nevada
museum quality specimens for the collector
fossil wood specimens: Nevada

NEV 163. Texas Springs Museum Specimen. Texas Springs, also sometimes called Jackpot, Nevada, is a famous site for pink limb casts. This is a super solid and glassy full round limb section with a deeply translucent pink interior. One end is natural and the other polished with a slight dome. 6 by 5 cm mirror-polished face; 6 cm long; twelve ounces.  $65


NEV 149. Museum specimen. Little Humboldt River, Nevada. This is the source of classic limbs that appear to be casts but are actually wood that has gone over to agate. It was thought for years that they were casts, but some exhibit areas of distinct yet ghostly wood structure. This is a solid limb end, all natural on one end and attractive all around with a luscious interior of agate and clear evidence of growth ring structure. 8 cm long; 2.5 by 5 cm mirror-polished end; eight ounces.  $60

This is me in 2004 or so with Emily, who was then the tallest Joshua tree in the world.

FJD NEV wood 10. Museum specimen from my collection. The Holy Grail of fossil wood — Joshua Tree Protoyucca shadishii, named after the now sadly departed Dr. Wm Shadish, a saintly man from Redding, California, who was the first one to take the newly discovered material to an expert to be identified. A paper was produced by Dr. Tidwell of BYU and others naming the newly discovered form genus Protoyucca shadishii. Miocene/Pliocene. It appears to have affinities to the Joshua tree of the Yucca family. This is a superior example of fossil Joshua as found in its native habitat, uncut by man, all natural. It is densely and well silicified, likely gemmy with some color inside. It has an unusual shape. I cannot tell what part of the plant it was. It almost looks like a frond. It has a somewhat rounded flat end that shows blue chalcedony that I have pondered cutting and polishing, but I always s vote to keep it as is. 143 mm long by about 82 by 58 mm.  $550

FJD NEV wood 12. Museum specimen from my collection. Washoe County, Nevada. Tertiary full round limb with associated limbs. This is quite unusual. You can easily see the main limb section – what makes it extra special is the jumble of limbs that is connected to it. This appears to have been a mass of limbs that fossilized together. One possible scenario is that the limbs came together in a volcanic eruption or associated mud flow and were buried together prior to petrification. Nice even growth rings with excellent ring porous hardwood cell structure and borer holes filled with agate. 84 mm long; 25 by 25 mm mirror- polished face for the round; nine ounces.  $70

NEV 161. Rare Hubbard Basin Museum Specimen. I recently acquired a few specimens that were collected at least a half century ago. I got them from a friend who has had them for forty years and he got them from an old-timer who had them for a long time as well. They are full round limb sections from Hubbard Basin, a hardwood species like spruce, and if you know anything about Hubbard Basin you know that small limb sections are extremely rare. This one is a bit more gold than most and displays beautifully the classic array of Hubbard Basin blue, red, and gold and has a few extra translucent agatey blue sections. It also has a lovely knot.  Polished on one end with the other end left natural. A rare find. 8 cm tall; 7 by 8 cm mirror- polished mildly domed face; two pounds and two ounces.  $275

FJD Nevada 24. Museum Specimen from Hubbard Basin, Nevada. Rare large, incredibly well preserved of the finest silica in an exciting range of color—ivory, robin’s egg blue, pink, salmon, gold—laid out like an artist had designed the panorama. An incredible perfect slice of famous rare beautifully colored and finely patterned gemmy silicified fossil wood, Tertiary in age. Look at the picture. It even includes a large knot, top center of image. Colorful attractive pattern of growth rings at the center anchor the fossil nature of the specimen, whereas most of the specimen looks like fine agate. This one has a very cool agate inclusion. 36 cm by 15 cm mirror-polished face; 12 mm thick; two pounds and fifteen ounces.  SOLD