fossil wood specimens: Washington
museum quality specimens for the collector
fossil wood specimens: Washington

WASH 262. Saddle Mountain Cypress. Here’s another old school perfectly solid Saddle Mountain cypress slice, probably a root. 11 by 5 cm mirror-polished face; 12 mm thick; seven ounces.  $25

WASH 266. Saddle Mountain Area Museum Specimen. Full round cypress slice with a striking pattern. Solid and glassy. The golden portion that appears to poke in from one side is organic – something rootish – and is had the effect of preserving the cambium layers between it and the main trunk – this is a rare circumstance and quite interesting. Another world under magnification - mesmerizing. 12 by 17 mirror-polished face; 12 mm thick; one pound and one ounce.  $85

WASH 22. Saddle Mountain Cypress Root. Full round cypress root. Cut and polished on one end, natural on the other. No fillers – No glue. Attractive.  6 by 8.5 cm mirror-polished face; 7 cm tall; one pound and eight ounces.  $40

WASH 30. Yakima conifer. Full round Tertiary hardwood (likely water cypress) with superbly preserved cells. Cut on both ends and polished on one. No glue – No filler.  8 by 9.5 cm mirror-polished face; 6.5 cm tall; one pound and eleven ounces.  $55

FJD WASH 5. Museum specimen Elm from near Yakima, Klickitat County, WA. Columbia River Basalt Flows, Miocene. Well preserved elm structures and an especially attractive center. Cut on both ends and polished on the top.  Polished face measures 9 by 6 cm; 84 mm tall; one pound and twelve ounces. SOLD

FJD WASH 4. Saddle Mountain forked branch conifer museum Specimen from my collection. Columbia River Basalt Flows, Miocene. This came from the famous deposit at Saddle Mountain many years ago. No glue – no fillers. Polished face measures 11.5 by 7 cm; up to 11 cm long; two pounds and two ounces. $100

FJD WASH 7. Museum specimen Conjoined logs from Sunnyside, WA. Columbia River Basalt Flows, Miocene. It’ll take a few seconds to wrap your mind around this one from the images. It looks like a fossilized log jam. It appears to be two limbs, one of which is forked, are somehow conjoined at right angles. Probably this was from when they were growing. It’s all conifer, similar to cypress. Anyway, it’s super cool. I see no evidence of glue or filler. Solid and attractive mineralization all around. The dark gray area on the back of the largest log comprises botryoidal grape clusters. The four polished faces measure 7 by 9, 8.5 by 6.5, 4 by 5, and 4 by 3.5 cm; 13.5 cm long; five pounds and three ounces. $550

FJD WASH 8. Museum specimen Cypress from Saddle Mountain, WA. Columbia River Basalt Flows, Miocene. Full round limb section, cut and polished on both ends and polished on one. Super glassy and about perfect. Polished face measures 53 by 68 mm; 8 cm long; one pound and five ounces. $85