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minnesota 2012

 I planned a stop at Mount Rushmore on my way to The Celebration of Agates in Minneapolis. This was my first visit to both states, my 43rd and 44th states.
Mount Rushmore is part monument and part tourist trap (40/60). I took shots of the presidents from a few angles.
This is from a place down the road a quarter mile.

The next day I drove about ten hours to Minneapolis. I had to stop at the National Rockhound Hall of Fame to see my picture on the wall. I was inducted in 2004 for my work with plant fossils.
The next pictures are at the agate show. One shows the case of petrified wood I brought to display.  I did not find many people who knew much about petrified wood. They don't collect wood up there because all the wood is blah, boring, and not attractive. They are nuts about agates -- that's what they grew up collecting. The agate kings of the vicinity are Fairburns and "Lakers" (Lake Superior agates). I should have taken pictures of some of the agate showcases - beautiful stones, including the best Kentucky agates I have seen, along with killer Lagunas and Condors. Every agate dealer in the world was there along with millions of dollars worth of rocks.