simply amazing glass paperweights

Parabelle Glass and Julie Scrutton Lewis: Oregon, USA. Parabelle Glass began production in 1981 as the brainchild of Gary Scrutton. By all accounts, Gary Scrutton is an ingenious and talented artisan who masters whatever he puts his mind to. When he set his mind to paperweights, he did it all from scratch – from melting his own glass and designing his own molds to creating his own colors. His best weights are some of the finest ever made, comparing favorably to the best Classical French weights. Production continued to 1998 when he moved on to other interests. His daughter, Julie Scrutton Lewis, worked with him at Parabelle and eventually made weights under her own name, using Parabelle canes and the Parabelle studio, while adding her own marvelous sense of design and composition.
UPDATE: I was sad to learn that Gary Scrutton passed away on February 25, 2014.


PW200. Parabelle Glass 1995 Artist Proof. The production weights from Parabelle are excellent but the artist proofs, especially those in the last years of production, are absolutely amazing! They are without a doubt among the finest glass paperweights ever made – the famous French glass houses of the Classical Period aspired to made glass paperweights of this quality and failed. This is a real beauty with a great assortment of Parabelle canes, including their famous rose and pansy canes, over a translucent aqua ground. Condition is perfect. Signed on the base: “Parabelle Glass Artist Proof 1995”.  3 3/16 inch diameter; 2 1/4 inch height; one pound and two ounces.  $1850


PW1361. Julie Scrutton Lewis/Parabelle Glass Artist Proof Museum Piece. This is an extremely unusual paperweight from Parabelle. It is an Artist Proof set with seven large complex canes in a fabulous iridescent ground that reminds me of fossilized ammonite shell. An assumption could be made that this was made by Julie when she was working at Parabelle before she started her own line of weights. It is undated. Signed “Julie Scrutton Lewis Parabelle Glass Artist Proof Julie Scrutton Lewis (yes, a second time).” Compare the color between the second and third pictures to see what a slight shift in angle does to the ground color. 2 7/16 inch diameter; 1 11/16 inches tall; 9 ounces. Condition is excellent with wear to the basal rim.  $240

PW1396. Parabelle Museum Piece 1989. Fabulous 6-row concentric closepack with a variety of canes including a full row of 15 Clichy-style roses and a large rose in the center all over a dark green ground. Signature cane: “PB1989” with a bell at the center. Parabelle label on base. Beautiful workmanship as always with Parabelle. 2 7/8 inch diameter; 1 15/16 inches tall; 13 ounces.  Condition is excellent/as new.  $525